SCALE joins Innovation Forum 2021

SCALE will be a part of H2020 Innovation Forum 2021 that is taking place on November 30 2021, in Brussels, and virtually for those who wish to attend remotely.H2020 Innovation Forum is an on-going clustering initiative, bringing together H2020 projects with policy makers, end-users, industry representatives, investors, start-ups and SMEs. This year’s topics focus on Metal Processing & Products, PCMI Plastic

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SCALE featured in Alcircle

SCALE project was featured in Alcircle, the is an information and business portal for the global aluminum industry that covers the whole eco-system and value chain of aluminum. From the article: On 29th September 2021, the Athens-listed leading global industrial and energy company, Mytilineos declared its engagement as a coordinator in the European Union’s SCALE project with an experimental plant

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SCALE final results

A presentation of SCALE technologies and breakthroughs.


Scandium in ScaVanger

Scandium (Sc) applications in solid oxide electrolyzer cells, aeronautics and 3D printing are forecasted to increase significantly without a sufficient continuous Sc supply for Europe. ScaVanger is upscaling Sc extraction and purification technologies from various TiO2 pigment production residues. High purity Sc2O3 and ScF3 will be produced at competitive prices in the EU for the EU market. The ScaVanger process

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SCALE pilot in Mytilineos Plant

A new hydrometallurgical pilot unit was built in MYTILINEOS Aluminium of Greece plant under the SCALE project. The pilot unit consists of the leaching section where Bauxite Residue is treated with sulfuric acid to produce a PLS  that is processed in II-VI SIR pilot section unit, where Sc recovery and crude Sc concentrate production takes place. The pilot leaching unit

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SINTEF successfully produced Al with Sc by electrolysis

SINTEF has demonstrated the direct production of Al with ~ 2wt% Sc by electrolysis from a cryolite melt with Al2O3 and Sc2O3 as feed material, obtaining current efficiencies in the range of 85-90%. The trials were carried in electrolytic cells using a horizontal electrode arrangement, as in the Hall-Heroult primary aluminium production process. Thus, dedicated electrolytic cells in the aluminium

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KBM demonstrates Al-Sc 3D printing with SCALE alloy

Following the successful demonstration of Al-Sc alloy production at LCM, KBM proceeded with a demonstration of the additive manufacturing technology. Al-Sc master alloy was processed at KBM cast house to produce SCALM alloy (Al-Sc-Mg). The SCALM alloy was atomized,  i.e. transformed into metallic powder, which in turn was used to fuel a lazer 3D printer. The  resulting model depicts landmarks

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