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How Can Europe Reduce Offshore Dependence of Its Supply Chain for Critical Metals like Scandium?

Henk van der Laan1; Beate Orberger2
1.    V.I.C. Van der Laan International Consultancy BV 2. CATURA Geoprojects

Europe uses around 25% of the World metal production, including critical metals like Sc, Mg, Ti, Sr, Nb and REE’s. However, just around 2 – 3% of the World metal production is actually manufactured in Europe, resulting in a huge imbalance. Critical metals are indispensable in the green transition for producing renewable energy. Most of these critical metals (Mg, Nb, Sc, Sr, and Ti) are for 100% imported. The dependence on imports can lead to supply disruptions and unacceptable high prices. An option for Europe is to focus on Industrial Symbiosis (IS) projects, in which waste streams from one industry are used as a feedstock for other industries. EU Magnesium, ScaVanger, Scale-up and Valore are examples of EU funded IS projects. To avoid future supply disruptions, like the 2021 Mg crisis, Europe needs to set up a European organised stockpile organization for critical metals like Sc, Sr, Nb, Mg and Ti.


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