ORANO mining, France (www.orano.group), core partner, will adapt its hydrometallurgical process to remove/recover uranium from MYTILINEOS IX circuit. MEAB, Germany, associate partner (meab.mx.com) will optimize the SCAVANGER solvent extraction (S-X) process from for refining the Sc concentrate. MEAB also designs the upscaling plant for MYTILINEOS.

ORANO Mining is an industrial group which processes radio-active materials from ores to spent fuel so that they can be used to support the development of society, first and foremost in the field of energy. Its branch, ORANO Mining, is active in responsible exploration, production and processing of U ores in Asia, North America and Africa. It has a central R&D Centre (CIME stands for Centre d’Innovation en Metallurgie Extractive) located in the middle of France which is strongly focused on natural U hydrometallurgy (SX, IX) at lab and pilot scales but deals also with associated metals like Th, Ra, Mo, V, Se, As, REO. It has also a very comprehensive and up-to-date analytical laboratory to support its activities in the mining sector but also for other industries often producing NORM materials and for environmental control during mine sites restoration. CIME, regulatory compliant, holds as well one unique licence to store and process large quantities of U and Th in its facilities and to eliminate safely generated waste materials according to national and international standards.

Website: www.orano.group