MEAB Chemie Technik GmbH was founded in 1999 in Aachen in order to complete hydrometallurgical services to our clients in Europe. Situated in the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and Holland we have very short distances to most European industrial centers. Our task is to inform our customers on existing competitive processes and the adaptation to these processes and advise them how to implement the information. Our focus is in the fields of hydrometallurgy and environmental engineering. MEAB is a competent partner in the development and optimization of liquid-liquid extraction processes.

MEAB is invovled in both the EURARE project and the RED MUD project, dealing in both cases with developens Solvent Extraction flowsheets for REE separation. Recently MEAB launched operations in it’s EURARE solvent extraction demonstration plant in Aachen. Working with rare earth carbonate produced from Kvanefjeld ore under EURARE project, MEAB will conduct three separation steps: 1) Separation of HREE fraction from mixed MREE and LREE fraction; 2) Separation of the MREE and LREE fractions; and 3) separation of Pr and Nd as individual elements.


MEAB’s intensions for the participation in SCALE is expressed in liquid-liquid separation techniques and are based on our anticipation that our experience and knowledge could be valuable in the evaluation of a new hydrometallurgical process route to transfer the scandium and other rare earth elements, mainly La, Ce Nd, and Y into a valuable rare earth elements concentrate (bulk concentrate). MEAB will be mostly involved in scandium separation and purification from pregnant leach solutions using hydrometallurgical methods.