Catura Geoprojects (Geosciences Conseil)

CATURA, France (, project partner, will handle the project management, coordination, communication-dissemination with > 30 years of project management at EU and international level in academia and industry

CATURA is a consultant company experienced in the raw material sector from the exploration to the metallurgical sectors, including industrial and scientific project management and coordination (H2020 SOLSA: KIC-EIT ANCORELOG, PAIRED-X). B. Orberger has > 30 years of experience in international project initiation, up-set, management and realization. She published > 60 papers in scientific and larger public journals. She held more than 150 conferences worldwide. CATURA will be responsible for the project management and ensure cooperation and communication among the partners and communication-dissemination towards the broader national and international community. B.O. also has > 30 years of experience in education, training-course up setting at international level (EU, S-America, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia). Catura will set-up short courses and long-life learning modules at EU and international level.