MYTILINEOS S.A.’s Aluminium of Greece (AoG) plant was founded in 1960, in order to take    advantage of Greece’s important bauxite deposits for the production of alumina and aluminum. The Company established its plant at Agios Nikolaos in Biotia. AoG has been the driving force behind the development of the aluminum-processing sector in Greece. The annual production capacity of this industrial complex is 830,000 tons of alumina and 190,000 tons of aluminum. This sector employs both, directly and indirectly, around 40,000 people; it processes over 250,000 tons of aluminum annually and generates revenue of more than 2 billion Euros, which represents 1.7% of GNP. AoG is committed to the constant satisfaction of all the needs and expectations of its clients, by offering products such as alumina and primary aluminum metal – and relevant services to meet their quality requirements. In order to achieve this capital goal, the company manages several products and services-related processes, taking advantage of all performance enhancement opportunities. The Continuous Progress approach involves the definition of ambitious goals, with their achievement being the object of consistent, controlled management programs. The Quality Management system covers all the company’s activities and is certified by an independent certification body, in order to ensure its conformity to the International Standard ISO 9001. The company has also participated in numerous national and EU projects, concerning the optimization of its energy efficiency, the reduction and exploitation of its wastes and the reduction of its GHG emissions. AoG is the largest vertical integrated primary aluminum producer in Europe, owning bauxite mines, alumina refinery and aluminum smelter plants and recently having installed a 334 MW co-generation plant producing electrical energy from LNG. High temperature steam from this co-generation plant is used in the alumina refinery, saving valuable resources through industrial symbiosis.