AdMiRIS, Greece (, project partner, will elaborate a full business plan and execute the LCA, leveraging on its experience in similar tasks in several H2020 projects, some of them dealing already with the Al value chain

AdMiRIS is a consulting company, managed by experienced mining and metallurgy engineers with decades of experience in top managerial positions in minerals industry. AdMiRIS is specializing in sourcing (primary and secondary materials), and market analysis, matching materials with applications and customers. Additionally it excels in LCA and Business Analysis/Planning, specifically for materials and biomaterials industries. It participates in projects evolving minerals and metals value chains, e.g. EnsureAl, RemovAl, AlSiCal, Harare, Reactiv etc. Combining Sourcing, Applications, LCA and Business Analysis, it creates holistic financial and environmental sustainable solutions.