Deliverable Deliverable nameWPShort name of lead parti-cipantTypeDissemination levelDelivery date
D1.1Optimum processing flow sheets for selective Sc leaching from BR1NTUARPUM32
D1.2Optimum processing flow sheets for Sc extraction from TiO2 industrial by-products1FHNWRPUM32
D1.3Development of the SIR process for efficient Sc extraction from dilute streams1II-VIRCOM32
D2.1Publishable report on the application of the Sc extraction from BR in AoG2AoGRPUM42
D2.2Confidential report on the application of the Sc extraction from BR in AoG2AoGRCOM42
D2.3Publishable report on the application of the acid nanofiltration technology on TiO2 acid wastes in TRONOX2FHNWRPUM42
D3.1Publishable report on the innovative technologies for 99% pure Sc2O3 production3MEABRPUM42
D3.2Publishable report on sustainable ScF3 production methods3KTHRPUM42
D4.1Publishable report on cacliothermic Sc and Al-Sc alloy production methods4RWTHRPUM36
D4.2Publishable report on electrolytic Sc and Al-Sc alloy production methods at high temperatures4SINTEFRPUM36
D4.3Publishable report on low temperature Sc and Al-Sc alloy production methods4NTUARPUM36
D4.4.Production of 3D printed component using Sc produced with optimum technology4AIRBUSOTHERPUM42
D5.1Environmental, health and safety controls that should be taken into account in SCALE technology development5BMERPUM12
D5.2LCA/LCC of SCALE technologies and case studies5FHNWRPUM46
D5.3Direct Fate and Eco-toxicity5BMERPUM46
D5.4Cost and techno-economic assessment for the SCALE value chain5ITRBRCOM46
D6.1European inventory of Sc containing by-products6BAMRPUM30
D6.2Cluster Communication Activities 6NTUARPUM48
D6.3International Communication Activities6ITRBRPUM48
D7.1Roadmap for a European Sc industry7ITRBRPUM36
D8.1Data Management Plan8KSRPUM4 / 30
D8.2SCALE website, logo and dissemination kit8ITRBDECPUM6
D8.3Communication Plan8ITRBRPUM6
D8.4ERES 2020 Conference organization8NTUADECPUM36
D8.5Plan for the dissemination and exploitation of the project's results8ITRBRCOM48
D9.1SCALE consortium agreement9AoGOTHERCOM1
D9.2Project Management Manual with templates9KSOTHERCOM3
D9.3Innovation Management Procedures9ITRBRCOM8