MS2 – New Sc metal production technology

Three technologies have provided breakthrough results:

  • Lab scale aluminothermic production of Al- Sc master alloy from ScF3. Bulk Al-Sc alloys with contents up to 27 wt.-% Sc could be produced with no other impurities, at a Sc reduction yield of 77 %.
  • Using a modified Hall-Heroult process, direct production of Al-Sc alloy from Sc2O3 was achieved in a cell setup used currently in the primary aluminium industryThe aluminium metal product obtained contained 2.6 wt% Sc, and the current efficiency of the process being of ca. 85 %.
  • Direct metallic Sc production from ScCl3 dissolved in an ionic liquid was achieved at 30oelectrolysis temperature. 0,013g of Sc were deposited on an Al cathode with 6 kWh/Kg total power consumption

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