Critical raw materials data management & European scandium inventory workshops

26-27 November 2018 Berlin, Germany

The German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) in cooperation with the SCALE Project, organised a workshop on secondary raw materials/ urban mining data management in close connection with a scientific exchange platform for stake holders of the European scandium inventory.

Recovery of scandium from primary and secondary resources, scandium purification and production of scandium metal and alloys

E. Balomenos, SCALE project: Introduction to SCALE
P. Siegfried, GeoAfrica Prospecting Service (HiTech AlkCarb Project): Primary raw materials for the Sc industry – a geological perspective
V. Chashchin, JSC Dalur: Production of Scandium at JSC Dalur
V. Semenishchev, Ural Federal University: Recovery of rare earths and scandium from uranium leachates
S. Patkar, L. Dahl W. Xu, G. Abrenica, L. Bedes & M. Benzing,  II-VI: Evolution of scandium recovery technology to increase supply from ultra-low concentration streams

European data management platforms – how do we use, maintain and finance them?

A. Jarosinski, Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences: Phosphogypsum-raw material or waste
P. Chancerel, Technische Universitat Berlin: PROSUM and ORAMA
E. Vaszita, V. Feigl, É. Ujaczki, I. F. Kertész, Z. Berkl & M. Molnár, Budapest University of Technology and Economics: Hungarian ENFO MOKKA environmental database: Environmental information on scandium containing wastes