The School of Life Sciences (HLS) of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) is located in the center of the trinational Basel area (Switzerland – France – Germany). The four institutes of the HLS are Pharma Technology, Medical and Analytical Technologies, Chemistry and Bioanalytics and Ecopreneurship (IEC). 200 scientists at HLS work currently on about 240 projects. The research and development activities of HLS encompasses a wide range of projects ranging from the development of new products and devices as well as the optimization of production processes in terms of material and energy saving up to life cycle and risk assessments.

The institute of Ecopreneurship (IEC) has 60 employees and more than 40 projects on-going; 15 FP7 Projects (Environment,KBBE, ICT, NMP and SME), 4 as coordinator/manager; 3 H2020, several

CTI Projects (50% Industry funded). Infrastructure includes more than 500 m2 dedicated labs; state-of-the-art infrastructure, mobile pilot-plants and others.

In regards to sustainable mineral resources the IEC group in FHNW aims at:

  • advancement of ecological efficiency, preventive measures
  • proactive environmental protection
  • tapping new sources (e-waste, fly ash, red mud, WW)
  • innovative environmental engineering and biotechnologicalprocesses
  • apply understanding in eco-efficient technologies andtransfer philosophy into teaching.


In SCALE FHNW is responsible for the assessing the sustainability of the developed technologies as well as for testing the recently developed acid nanofiltration technology in selective Sc extraction from acid waste streams.